Taming io

Taming io

Taming io is a relatively new game but it is already very popular because of the interesting gameplay and variety of game modes. In this game you start with your own pet which will try to follow you and defend your territory. At the beginning of the game you have no weapons and resources so your first step is to level up. Once you unlocked some weapons, you will be able to build your own village and protect your territory against other animals and human players.

How To Play Taming io?

Getting resources and unlocking weapons is the most important factor in this game. Keep in mind that the newbie players can tame only one animal but when you progress you can choose up to 3 animals. Those animals can also level-up and become stronger so you will have to go for a hunting to let your pets level-up. You can build some defense structures to secure your territory or you can even join the teams to get more support from other players. Taming io features a lot of different upgrades so you will need some time to understand which weapon is stronger and which strategy is more safe. Hope you will enjoy playing Taming.io at our website.

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